Questions on direct scan


Feb 8, 2015
My old laptop died, was curious to see what operating system people have ran and had success with. Finding a old laptop is going to be difficult
Most everybody have switched over to Powerlogger. Attached much like direct scan but far more powerful and versatile.

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Pretty much anything with a old style serial printer port (db25 maybe?) and the ability to run a c: prompt. I have an early 2000's Dell with XP and it ran on it.
I think anything with Windows 98 or older works fine. I tried it with Windows 2000 and it did not work so well trying to run it in a DOS window rather than in true DOS mode whihc went away with 2000 iirc.
I have several old laptops I used for work back in the day that I keep around just for that purpose. IBM 600E's work great, I also have some install disks for Windows '95 for that purpose :)
Shop around on ebay and you are bound to find something cheap, probably for $100 or less.
I went to a local Good Will that only deals with electronic stuff and got an old Dell for $25. I paid more for the new power supply. It has about 10 different size plugs and a selector switch for different voltages. I just looked at the Full Throttle page at the ScanMaster G and Powerlogger setups.
Nothing later than Windows 98SE, and you need a parallel printer port (that's the 25 pin connector, the serial port is the 9 pin one). I use an IBM T23 laptop because way back when I needed a "new" laptop it was old enough to have the parallel port and new enough to have USB ports. Just accept that anything that old will have a dead battery so simply run it off of an inverter plugged into the cigarette lighter, and the AC supply.
You can usually find new batteries for old computers on ebay, I bought 2 new batteries for my 90's era 600E about a year ago.