quick keys


Narrow A$$ Racing
Jun 18, 2001
is there a web site page that i can get the windows quick keys
i got my fast system and there was no book in it that told me how to overlay log files and etc.

Pull down the "Help" menu, select "Contents". You should see a help screen pop up in your browser. Look to the left and find the topic that says "Hot Keys".
I second Lance's answer also alittle easier way to do it is:
Start - Help - click on Index and the keyword: Shortcut

Then you can go through the list and get whichever shortcut keys you want.

Is this what you are talking about? Or what do you mean by overlay log files?
How does someone go about changing the data logging time on the DOS version? What is the max amount of time you can log for with this version?

When on the graph, hit "R" (Refresh rate). Then enter how many frames per second you want to record.

You get 150 frames total, so if you select 15 frames / second, you get 10 seconds. If you select 1 frame per second, you get 2.5 minutes. I like 10 frames per second- plenty of data, but long enough for a whole 1/4 mile run.

-Bob Cunningham