Quickest GNX?

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Anyone ever seen a REAL GNX modified for racing? Real GNX's only. No clones.

i heard of someone taking an actual GNX into the 9's with a stage II motor...i think he kept the original suspension...nice hack job on a potential 40k dollar car:rolleyes:
I've heard of a GNX somewhere in my area w/ a twin turbo SBC. License plate reads 'X does 9" i think. Another classic ruined by Chevy.
seen a stage 2 gnx with a t 88 supposedly in the 9's and it looks completly stock. had over 200 000 miles on it but still has the original motor. definatly a sweet car.
Buddy Cox went in the 8.0 range last time I heard.
Might be in the 7s by now who knows.
I don't hear much from the east coast duttweiler guys

-Buddy Cox
-Barry Walker
-Alvin Isokawitz sorry about the spelling!!!
Suposedly theres one thats tubbed out and got some sort of hairy motor in it in my area... It was a theft recovery though but a real GNX... Ive never seen it to confirm...
To my knowledge, Buddy Cox from Salisbury, MD has the only real GNX ( #187 ) that has been modified for racing. I'm not sure how fast he went, but I think in the 8's...

That's all I know...it's been a while since I've heard anything about him though...Don't know if he still has it???....

'bye...Claude :)
Buddy Cox has gone 8.09 @ 171 according to the BGNRA Web Site. It may have gone faster than that.