Raced a pack of bikes from a dig yesterday.


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Five motorcycles to be exact. I couldn't tell you what they were. All I saw was a gang of modded rice rockets that came up next to me on the right at a light. There were two next to my door and three more stacked up behind them. I'd have to guess they were in the 750-1100 CC range. I saw lots of stickers, aftermarket pipes and fancy jackets. That's about all I can tell you. One of the front row (pole position) dudes pointed out my GN to the rest of the pack. They were all frantically nodding their heads, as if to say "Game on". Two miles of open road lay ahead.

At this point the two front bikes started revving their engines. As the yellow light came down for the cross traffic, their heads went low and rpms came up in anticipation of our green light. I kept my car just off idle as anything beyond this would just spin the 275/60/15 MT DRs. Believe me, I was ready to go. I knew that I couldn't leave anything on the table with the light or these guys would eat me alive.

As the light went green, The guy closest to me had already launched. He was at least a full second ahead of everyone else. My guess is that he timed the yellow light, counted to five and went. (I'll have to remember this for next time). The bike next to him and myself left at the same time. As I was smartly rolling into the throttle and trying not to spin the tires, this bike slowly got out in front of me and moved over into my lane, as though I was no longer a factor. The other three bikes were a couple car lengths back and trying there best to keep up.

About now, we've cleared the intersection by a bit and I am now able to go WOT and unleash my mid ten second GN on the road ahead. For the record, this usually happens at about 55 mph or so, depending on conditions.

Also for the record is that I love my GN. What I love most about it is that feeling you get as the drag radials hook and you are able throw full power to the tires. That sense of amazement and the zoom lens vision like the Millennium Falcon going into ward drive.

Back to the race.
As soon as I got rear ended by that freight train of Turbo Buick boost, those three bikes on my quarter panel entered my rear view mirror and were now getting smaller. I was also now quickly running down that bike who had optimistically cut in front of me. I remember actually putting on my blinker before getting over to the right lane to go past him and about a buck twenty. Knowing that he was not expecting me to be going past him at these kind of speeds, I slowly let off as I got along side him and looked over. He fully turned his head to look at me. His chin still on the gas tank. I had a big ol grin on my face. The bike that jumped the gun was still about ten cars out ahead of us. I knew I wasn't going to catch him. The other three bikes were about ten cars back.

As we slowed to freeway speeds, the dude I had pulled up next to motioned for me with his hand to slow down. I slowed and slowed until we were both going about 45 mph. The other three bikes had now just caught up to us. It was obvious that he wanted to go from a roll. I nodded and held up three fingers. After clicking off my fingers 3-2-1, I rolled back into WOT. We we were side by side. This time I ran it out to about 130 or so. The bike was about five cars back as we were now coming up on traffic and clicking it off. The other three bikes were much further back, but still giving it their all.

As we slowly rolled up to the traffic at the next red light. I'm sure that the guy who red lit never knew that I was even in the race. the other four bikes came up along side my drivers side door and gave me a big thumbs up. One even reached out and shook my hand and gave me a fist bump.

Just another 71 degree, mid February day in So Cal. :)
This one's for all you poor bastards who are snowed in, looking at your cars in the garage.
Hope this inspires some modification motivation.

Happy Spooling
Mike Barnard

Oh yea. I ran a brand new Mclaren twice today. I'll start a new post for that one. :D
Damn good race. I'm heading out to Seal Beach end of the week. I gotta see some of this action....

This all went down about five minutes from Seal Beach. Lots of hot rods and exotics in this area.
That's not the way I heard it went down.

Looks like two or three of those bikes are over the line, What's with you racing an old guy and young kids and everybody you race red lighting? Oh yea, good kill and keep the stories coming.