Raced a Z06 last night


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May 28, 2001
My buddy just got a spankin '01 Z06 a few weeks ago and has been after me to hook'em up. So, on the way home from the gym last night, we caught a red light. I asked for the go since I had to build boost first, he obliged. Well, I was too aggressive and spun coming out of the hole, I heard him spin too, so I just matted it. After we both stopped spinning it was apparent that he had the hp advantage, and had me by 2-3 cars at about 85 mph. A better launch would have helped but might not have been enough. I need to find a way to run 3-4 more lbs boost, I'm at 17 psi, 20*, on 93 octane. I have a TA49, 206 CC, 40#'ers, 340, custom chip. Maybe also lock the convertor? I have some hoosier tires I'll stick on for the rematch.
Yeah…stick to racing him off a stop with you on really sticky tires. Vettes have IRS (independent rear suspension) so they never launch well for the power they have, not to mention it's a 6-speed so it has no torque multiplaction at launch either. Don’t run him from a roll though if you have the choice.

Most stock 2001 ZO6s run mid to high 12s at around 114 if the owner knows how to drive. You should get him if you’re on slicks…
The Z06 owners that know how to drive around here are running 12.0-12.1s@114 with 1.7X on stock tires. Seems they can launch pretty good to me :)
Originally posted by TTA89
The Z06 owners that know how to drive around here are running 12.0-12.1s@114 with 1.7X on stock tires. Seems they can launch pretty good to me :)

Holy Sh*t! I’ve never seen any stock or lightly modded (bolt-on) LS1 Vette or F-body, or LS6 Vette ever cut a 1.7X on stock tires in 6-speed form. That is basically impossible, even for an auto. You must have some insanely remarkable drivers around there! I don't even think Evan Smith could do that...well, maybe ;)
Not bad...

Considering you were only running 17lbs of boost on a little TA49 turbo, 2-3 cars isn't that bad of a loss... Run him at the track with some sticky tires and C16 race gas with about 25lbs of boost, and the story will be much different!!!:D BTW, I agree about the alchy kit and will be ordering an SMC kit really soon... 20 to 23lbs of boost on 93 octane sounds like a Z06 killer to me... I've talked to a couple guys about the kit and they've all told me that it will be the best $320 I ever spend:cool:
$320???? Are you crazy?? BUY IT ASAP BRICK!! I wish I only spent $320. But hey, 23#s on 94 pump gas is priceless:D

If you don't mind me asking how much did you pay for your alchy kit??? I heard $320 for the SMC kit, but don't know for sure... 23lbs on pump fuel is really good, and I'm kind of tired of playing around with the home brew of xylene, mystery marvel oil, and pump fuel and the most #'s of boost I could run with no knock was 20lbs with the mix, so it's time to become an alcholic LOL:D
no shame in losing to a z-06, they're sorta fast :) I'd have to agree though. I'm thinking injectors and alky in the off-season, so when people ask if I'm stock I can say "Stock block, heads, turbo and intercooler!" Hehehe, being a sleeper is fun.

But I would have to suggest against going at a Z-06 from a roll, that'd be almost like challenging a Supra from a roll, wouldn't it??
Alcohol is great, man

The dual nozzle set up costs a little more; mine plus shipping was around $350 or $360, I forget. Be sure to use 100% denatured alky with the kit. And go ahead and spend a lil more $$ and get the dual nozzles; cause you CAN run 25 psi on 94 in the right tune. I'm still piddleing with mine. Ran 24#s with only 0.7* knock yesterday. Put it this way, you're really gonna become addicted!!! Just ONE TASTE aint gonna hurt, I promise, just try some!!!;)
24lbs on 94 octane with only 0.7* knock

Basically it's like driving around with your car in full race trim... If the system is capable of running 25lbs with the right tune with the dual nozzels than that's what I'll go with since I usually run 25lbs with C16 at the track!!!:eek: That's got to be the most incredible feeling knowing your basically untouchable for the most part with 99% of the guys getting their asses handed to them and the best part is they won't be able to smell the lead from the race gas, cause I've raced some guys on C16 and of course they have their nose up in the air smelling for the good stuff and most I've ran have said the classic "well your on race gas" and this statement really pisses me off since I didn't know good gas became a mod:rolleyes: Plus the price of C16 is like $7 a gallon at VP, and it does get quite addicting rolling around in race trim, and now I won't have to spend $80 to put the smack down on those pesky LS1s:D It's time to get my buick drunk LOL!!!
Re: 24lbs on 94 octane with only 0.7* knock

Originally posted by 86brick
they have their nose up in the air smelling for the good stuff and most I've ran have said the classic "well your on race gas"

You can definitely smell the alky, too. Now they'll say, "well you're spraying alky". Excuses, excuses. Run whatchya brung and shuddup.


I agree totally, and the funny thing is I never complain when they have spray... One guy up here has a 2000 auto C5 Vette with a 125 dry shot, and he wanted to race, so I said fine let me go get some C16 and he started with the BS "oh you need race gas to play" and all I said was "yup I need good gas to run some dissent boost, but why do you need the blue bottle???":D Then he said "I can spray on pump fuel, but you need C16 to run high boost" and I agreed with that statement, but with the alky kit he won't be able to make that excuse since I'll be on pump fuel and most likely he'll need the 150 wet shot to play when my car is on the alky:D
Face it! Those boys can not stand to lose to a 6-cylinder! And when they do its, "aw you have too much money in that car" or "thats not a v6" or my favorite-"I woulda beat you if....." GET WHAT I MEAN? Get that brick drunk as $#it dude- you can't hear it begging? I've said it before and I'll say it again; alky is the ultimate upgrade. Why else do you think those 5,000hp top fuel dragsters run off of pure methanol and ungodly amounts of boost? I want to try to mix the power of C-16 and the tremendous cooling effects of alky together one day. I'll be honest with you brick, before I got my alky I ran 18psi max on 94 octane. I put the alky on and without turning up the wick at all I could feel a very noticeable difference the first run out. Of course I didn't set the turn on point right and it came on at 8 psi and sputtered for a second. But after that, when I felt 24#s for the first time- all I have to say is DAMN:eek: !!! Later man....
Put him on the nipple

Ill send you a nozzle of the car. slap in on yours. shave a second of your car and be done with that pesky ZO6;) ........Hey good luck on the rematch:cool: don,t forget if you financed 40 some thousand dollars like he did and dumped it into your car, you would peel the paint off that vette with your TR.:eek:

SAY IT AND SPRAY IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ordered my Alky kit from SMC

I ordered the dual nozzel setup from SMC and with the duals it was $350 and it should be here in about 10 days... Once the kit is installed I won't have to worry about to many cars including the LS1s and LS6s cause I'll be able to run 25lbs with 93 octane and I doubt there are many street cars that run low 12s to high 11s that I'll run into on the street... BTW Hoss where do you go for your AA meetings LOL!!!:D You can sign me up cause I'm officially an Alcoholic :cool: