"Racing only" thermostat?


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went to oreilly's to get a 160 deg stat. Book shows two. One says " racing only " . Is there a difference? Both made by mr gasket. I bought the regular one since it's street driven. Should I get the other one?
And because fuel injected engines burn more efficiently with coolant temps in the upper 170's to mid/upper 180's than they would at cooler temps.

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.. pretty sure the mr gasket thermostat that the catalogs show as fitting wont fit anyway so either choice is wrong
You might want to consider ordering a new thermostat & possibly a new stainless steel T-stat housing from Kirban's.

I know that those parts are guaranteed to fit.
Thank you fellas from your input. Looks like I'm going to get the 180 deg stat. I know with the airplane, it was imperative that you get the oil temp over 180 degrees to burn off all the combustion crap that accumulates. Since I do drive it in cooler weather, and don't drive it when it's screaming hot, I think 180 is the way to go. Thanks for the heads up on the fitment.