Radiator fan switch, which size?


1/4 Mile Freak
Pep boyz has a radiator fan switch, but they have two different sizes. Has anybody gotten one from them? If so, what is the part numer, and size??

Are you talking about item #91 here? http://perfauto.tripod.com/data/0-046.pdf If you look at the Ready-Aire 5038 at Pep-Boyz, it shows it crosses to GM p/n 3053190. Or, look at the BWD TSF8, which also crosses to the 3053190. The pic of that one suspiciously looks like the pic of the D1882D on AC Delco's website.
But I could be wrong... :tongue:
Yeah, pep boyz had a pic and brought both out. They have the same top, but the little part that goes into the intake that senses the temp, are two different sizes. This is what I am after.