Sorry I don't get in here every single day been busy getting ready for Cecil! If you hit the button on the page with your order request you will get an email back with detail on how to order!!

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Yes guys the raffle is going on please check www.magnabuick.com/raffle for details. There is no PayPal link on the website just order the tickets and you will be given the details on how to pay. Thanks any questions please PM me!!

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Just an FYI guys, The on line portion of the raffle will end Saturday December 17th 2016 at 12:00 noon sharp. IF you want to purchase on line raffle tickets that will be your last chance. We will shut it down at noon on the 17th. You can still buy tickets that night via cash at Georgine's if your going to attend the MAGNA event. Even if you don't want to have dinner at Georgine's that night, you can stop by and buy some tickets if you like. At 7pm December 17th 2016 we will pull the winners and announce them. This is the best chances anywhere to win one of these amazing prizes from our even more amazing vendors who support our club. Keep those on line raffle tickets coming in! I'd like to thank everyone for your support towards the biggest and best turbo Buick car club in the world!   www.magnabuick.com
Who's the winner ?

They are posted in the turbo lounge post for MAGNA 2016 raffle! Just do a search but I can say unfortunately you did not win! All winners have been notified already and most already have their prizes! Thank you everyone who put in their hard earned money to support our club! Without you guys it would have been pointless!!

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