Bates raffle tickets? Keep it $1.00 a ticket or go to $10.00 a ticket? Opinions.


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Mathematically speaking, the odds of winning would be the same. Not many people that buy less than ten dollars worth of tickets. We could go five bucks a ticket, but that takes a little more thought to do. I've been asked by more than one of the raffle heavy hitters if we can do anything to make it easier on people who are willing to really step up to support the event, yet don't want to be drowning in tickets when numbers are called.

There was also the suggestion to do all the tickets the same color.

Being as this year's Bates show is looking to have the biggest raffle ever (Thank you vendors), we want to make it as user friendly as possible, for people buying and selling tickets.

Note: Please support the great vendors who make this great raffle and great show, what it is today.
$10 per is cool, this event is the biggest and baddest show other then the GS Nationals. No admission fee either! BTW I bet if we had the space and a drag strip to play on we could start and eventually surpass the GS Nationals. But imagine that cost VS what we pay @ Bates....

$10 per ticket is just fine, and Thank You Mike for all you continue to do for all of us to have some fun.
Raffle numbers: Tip of the day. Just buy all your tickets at once. When numbers are called, all you need to know is the first and last number you bought. Write it on your hand or piece of paper if needed. Still trying to decide if we want to change up the price on tickets. There seems to be mixed feelings.

I won't make it, again. Sorry everyone.

You too, Lou.
Mike, can I Zelle you money for some tickets? :)

And a T shirt....... :p
Mike, can I Zelle you money for some tickets? :)

And a T shirt....... :p
You are now the fifth person to ask me to buy them tickets. I've told every one of them "No".
When Eric and I took over this show about a decade ago, our goal was and still is to get as many cars together in one place as possible.
This is why we give everything away for free. We are not doing this for the money. Some years we make a few hundred bucks and some years we loose a few hundred bucks. Over all, I'd say we're about even. If we sold shirts, posters and tickets on line, many people would stay more.
Plus. It's a great time for you desert rats to beat the heat in AZ and hang out by the beach in the cool temps. :cool:

How was it, guys?

I know, I know, Ralph won.... :)
Show was awesome. I think the official count was like 101 Turbo Buick powered cars. Mike and his crew did an awesome job as always. Weather could not have been better.

Raffle had a ton of nice stuff and it looked like some new faces won some stuff (I didn't win anything :p). Brian Weaver (gbodyparts) was out there to see how we do it on the west coast :) meanchicken took a bunch of video he put up on the facebook group.

Tim, any way you can post it up here?