Official "Buicks@Bates" 2023 Kick-Off Thread


Feb 22, 2009
Calling all Buick Nuts!

Event Date: June 4th, 2023

It’s that time again! This is your 90 day'ish call for the 29th Annual Buicks at Bates car show and gathering.

This year we are celebrating 29 years of this gathering, both at Deer Park and Bates combined! Come help make this the largest one yet and claim the title of "Largest" Turbo Buick gathering...period! This is THE year!

Come join the largest gathering of Turbo and Classic Buick's this side of the Mississippi (still pushin' for the US!). Once again there will be fun for all ages, including the return of the Jump House and other family friendly activities.

Mike and I once again will be nagging the vendors to boost the raffle loot inventory and make good on our commitment to grow this FREE event more each year. As always, every attendee driving a Buick powered vehicle will receive a FREE event T-shirt. Shirts will be handed out at the entry point to drivers and to other attendees after lunch if stock permits.

The vendor scene is hot and it looks to be another killer raffle! There are some new vendors making their mark on our community with new products again this year!

Stay tuned for more info as we close in on yet another South Western Buick event.

Check out Buicks@Bates and for additional information including directions, hotel information, and venue rules & amenities.

Drive safe and we'll see everyone there!

Bates Nut Farm
15954 Woods Valley Rd
Valley Center, CA 92082

(760) 749-3333

P.S. - Stay tuned for a preview of this years t-shirt artwork...I have a feeling it will show up any second.

Eric and Mike
Can't wait! Hopefully I can keep the car running till then ;)
MAD magazine artist Phil Guy is once again going nuts on the artwork for this year's free T-shirt and poster.
I've seen the first sketches and can say that he's outdone himself once again. We'll post it here in this thread soon.
Turbo Buick vendors will be on hand as usual. Vendors are by invite / permission only. Please contact Eric or myself if you are thinking of selling snake oil, used rear main seals or stolen catalectic converters.
Gates open for us to set up at 7:00 AM. Most people roll in 9:00-10:00, grab a bite at noon, then enjoy the huge Turbo Buick raffle at 1:00ish.
People hang out until 3-4:00 PM, or when they realize that Ralph or Joe won all the prizes.
You can bring your own food if you don't want to by from the lunch shack. Booze isn't officially allowed, (so keep it low).
Turbo Buick long haul award should be about 500 bucks this year. Don't forget to bring a chair and money for the raffle.
Absolutely NO burnouts when leaving. This is a residential area and we'd like to come back next year.

I checked the extended 90 day weather forecast, and it calls for blue skies, black cars and good times.

Happy Spooling
Mike Barnard
Spoolfool Productions
(949) 433-1257
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You guys do know that there is a long haul award?
I'm going to try to make this year's the biggest yet.
In order to win it, you'll need to drive your TB or TB powered vehicle to the event.
Been trying to contact Eric to update the SoCal GS website with the latest events (including Bates) without luck. (Please reach me @ Anyway.....I'm planning on bringing a buncha new TA Perf items to sell like CNC ported heads, roller rockers, timing cover, water pump, finned aluminum valve covers, etc. All new & never installed at prices way lower than retail plus no tax or shipping charges. Cash only please. See ya there.
---Jim Cail
Roll your dice and cross your fingers, I'm trying as much as possible to be there with my car this year. Just about to pick up my crank (being machined) and begin the assembly process of the new motor.

Hope to see everyone there!

Reggie I'm so glad you'll be there this year with your car. Hope your pops can make it too.

Maybe the link is dead for me on the webpage, but what is the event hotel?
Maybe the link is dead for me on the webpage, but what is the event hotel?
Not really an "official" hotel. Lots of people stay in San Diego. Some stay at Paula Casino. Maybe others will chime in as to where they stay.
Not really an "official" hotel. Lots of people stay in San Diego. Some stay at Paula Casino. Maybe others will chime in as to where they stay.
we frequently stay in the Escondido area, as decent hotels,/food/ prices ( they were, until inflation hit)