Randy Couture Resigns From The UFC


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I know some of you guys are MMA fans.. the last couple of days have not been good ones for the UFC.

First, they lost Fedor Emelianenko to a new promotion, M-1, which was a Russian based promotion but supposedly was just sold to Mark Cuban.

Then, today, Randy Couture announced his resignation from the company in all capacities. No more commentating, ambassador of the sport or heavyweight champion.

Most of the big MMA sites are reporting this, here's a couple of links if you want to read the articles.

Exclusive: Couture Talks UFC Resignation
No doubt... Now that they have thier brains beat out, they'll be running for congress. They had to quit, to put fulltime efforts into running thier campaigns...
There arent any brain damaged fighters that Ive seen come out of the UFC except maybe Wes Sims.
Wow....I really dislike dana white more and more each day. he seems so damn cocky. Its sad to see couture leave, he is an inspiration for alot of people, but I agree with him. UFC seems to treat their fighters very unfairly. Fedor vs. couture would have been great, maybe it could still happen but who knows with Fedor off to M1.
There arent any brain damaged fighters that Ive seen come out of the UFC except maybe Wes Sims.

How about guys like cabbage and villareal:biggrin: seriously though, you dont get brain damage because the second you are out they stop the fight. Look into it chuck, because it has been proven that boxing is much more detrimental to the brain than MMA. round after round of pounding to the head= brain damage, not 1 quick knock out.
Id rather see him leave on top. He is a class act.

It's funny how two months ago Liddell was the face of the UFC and now Couture is or was the face of the UFC.
44 is pretty old for MMA. Good time for him to retire. He could still come play for the Panthers though. They just signed a player that will be 44 next month. :rolleyes:

Worlds Most Dangerous Man

what about ken shamrock? :rolleyes:

At one time he was considered the WMDM. Saw a show called Payback on the Speed Channel and saw amother side of KS, he was giving/paying back his step dad . Gave him a Customized Caddy the one on a Corvette platform basically a vette with caddy cladding. His step dad adopted him and Ken took his last name, Ken's sd and sm raised like over 20 foster kids in their house. Ken had a troubled youth/juvinile delinquent, his dad shared how Ken when he was a freshman was taken lunch money away from Seniors, getting in his share of fisticuffs. This old man encouraged him and helped him work thru alot of resentment and pent up anger showed him disipline, Thru out this show Ken articulated his love and thanks for his Father sharing how his dad saved his life turned him around. This lil Irishman didn't back down from the WMDM ..........
The whole extreme fighting may implode unless they start paying these fighters. Big pay per view audiences and decent gate numbers and the fighters get nothing, while Oscar get 20 million. Someone is getting rich, so expect Don King or any of the boxing leeches to get involved to get their share.
The UFC needs to start spacing the fights further apart. having a title match every couple of months is retarded! Your world champ for a week and you have a bad night and someone knocks you off....:rolleyes: