Raw fuel dripping out of the turbo elbow flapper hole? How is it...


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Jun 3, 2002
What has happened?? I have raw gas dripping out of the turbo waste gate elbow where the attuator rod attaches. One minute all was fine and the next all heck broke loose. We were at Texas motor speedway a few weeks back doing laps for charity and on the 3rd lap i was blowing smoke out the back like crazy. We were in a turd of a group and i would lay back going into turn 1 and then come out of 2 pedal to the metal going from about 65mph to about 135 before having to get on the brakes hard to keep from blowing past the car in front. ( passing gets you tossed in a hurry) Did this a few times and then this issue developed. I was running about 20 psi of boost with no knock ( razors alky kit)

We came off the track and proceded to victory lane for a photo. At this point the smoke was crazy and i was smoking everyone out. Shut the car down at it did not want to refire. ( acted like the battery was almost dead) but in hindsight i think the car was trying to hydrolic??? Car finally refired and the picture was taken. Pulled out and parked to let the car cool down before seeing if we could drive it home.

We did drive it home.

Right before we pulled on the track for the 3 laps it seemed like the car would miss at idle and then clear up as we sped up and ran fine, back at idle the miss returns and start up.

Where do i start looking? Stuck fuel injector? or much worse? The gas in the turbo elbow freaks me out. How did it get that far? I may have a tiny bit of fuel in the oil but very minimal at this point.

what does the oil look like , high ..low ...milkshake ?
is the radiator missing coolant , any oil in it

pull the plugs and see what story they have to tell

i forget where eric sets the high speed fuel cutoff/ or rev limiter in the chip at but if you hit that the fuel stops but the alky wont and the alky would have let you know it isnt happy being lean with a pop followed by smoke from a headgasket failing
I would say with out a question thats a head gasket, i had the exact same thing happen to me! What did the smoke smell like? coolant? I blew the back cyl head gasket between the cyl and cooling passage out! It was a cloud of white smoke. After shutting it down for a second it started to hydrolock so i started it up and ran the coolant out with it running.

Antifreeze is okay, the oil does have some fuel smell to it and i think it does have fuel in it. I have driven the car 40 miles home after this happened mainly because i had no idea what has happened and doubt i was doing more damage than already occured. I have owned this car for 20 years now and driven it over 100k miles. (it had 35,ooo when i bought it 3 years old)

I have had a scanmaster in it for years and have always been careful about knock. I have had a few degrees from time to time but nothing big in the last 15 years. Before the scanmaster i would think at times it has been pretty high:confused:

Is it possible to have a stuck open fuel injector or more than 1 ( i have 30 pound green stripes) It is raw fuel and not aLky in the turbo elbow. How does the fuel get all the way to there?

The headgaskets may very well be blown although i am beginning to think otherwise at this point. With all that raw gas i do not even want to refire the caR at this time.

When i turn the key on i hear the fuel pump come on and pressure up and then stops like normal. ( does not seen to run continious)
does the fuel rail hold pressure after pump prime with the pump off ?
Fuel pressure regulater could have went bad and now car is getting to much fuel pressure? Thus car is now flooding it self out this has happen to me on other cars had fuel in oil and also coming out of intake.......:eek:
Shorted harness.
Leaky FPR diaphram.
Inj stuck open.
Temp sensor failed.

Cut the fuel filter open and see what's there.
I had an injector stuck open over winter work I think?? (I didn't know at the time) & the crossover was Full of Fuel!! I was taking it apart for headers & at least 1 quart came out!! How, I don't know but it sure got my attention!!
I could imagine firing it up!
Must have been an injector & maybe thats your issue??

I Still don't know how it happened that time??

Yours does sound like a head gasket?

:DPull the fuel regulator vacuum line off and check it for raw fuel. It's the fastest way to check and see if your regulator is bad. Are you sure it was fuel coming out of the wastegate puck and not antifreeze, antifreeze smells sweet when it is burning and leaves a cloud of white smoke behind you. If you don't see black smoke or smell fuel , or see white smoke and smell something sweet. I would take the ing. module and coil off and take it over to autozone to have them checked, can't hurt. There is not a really good way to check if you have a stuck inj. If you can find a shop that has a inj. flow bench, that would be the best. I hardly ever see stuck open injectors, clocked yes from sitting for a long period of time. Sounds like a regulator to me. Also check to see if you have a secondary air induction leak after the MAF sensor. Vacuum line, intake boot from behind the MAF to the throttle body. If the MAF isn't seeing the all the air going into the motor and the o2 sensor is seeing high oxygen content it will fatten the fuel mixture up. Depending on the size of injectors you have, it could be a lot of fuel.
Good luck .
I did a little checking last night and it is fuel, antifreeze is fine, and the oil looks okay but is a little above full ( i assume gas was going past the rings when i turned the key on) The alky has the right amount in the tank.

I turned the key on and the fuel pump is not shutting off like it usually does. It continues to run with the key on and not starting the car.

So now it is just time to figure out what piece of the puzzle needs to be replaced. I really did not think the headgaskets had bit it. I have had this car for 20 years now and sort of understand her. I was a lot rougher on her back in the early 90's with chips and freon sprays lol.

While it did not do the car any good i think she will still run awhile before the big teardown.