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May 31, 2001

Could really could use some help.
Have a white Limited. Spent the last 4 years doing metal to paint, job. Glass out. Bought doors org where not worth the labor. Found white ones.
Put all new PST bushings. Was a high mileage stock documented car.
153,000 Org. woman drove her kids to school car. Waited 5 years for her to sell.
Anyway down to motor.
I don't go to track often. But like the rush or these cars. So it would have to be street, mannered
Would like to build a short block that I can do once.
Lost a GN but in 5 years ago never blew anything up.

Want to go in the 11's. Middle to low...Trying to give a picture.

Question is.Would it be better to go with a girdled block. Have Champion heads. Or use the stroker kit which sounds great. Again using heads I bought.
Then ther is the maching cost. Which, anyone would you go with.
Have one of Eric's trannies,Duttweiller front mount. Like stock types better.
And any help in turbo would be greatly appreciated.......TIA for any help.
Car needs headliner and is done. Came out great. Thanks for any support you can give......................Rob
With a GT 6131E and ported heads and about a 3000 stall you can run 11's all day with minimal effort. And still have great street manners. HTH :) I don't think you need a girdle for mid 11's but that's just me. If you want one for peice of mind then get it. :biggrin:
Thank You

STEVEV. Thanks for your help...Guess I'm trying too hard to make this engine perfect...Your answer gave what I was looking for.
Also my worst weakness is in turbo's.

You covered that. Thank you...............Rob

Noticed you work on these motors...Would this be available?