Re: Pts Trans ?????? Who Has One??

2 QK 4 U

Feb 14, 2003
To all that may have been offended:

:) I have already ordered parts for it and should be in by next week. I will be happy when it's done. However, I have considered my threads very rude as well as most of you. I am posting an apology to all that may have been offended. I do feel less than proud of my previous threads pertaining PTS products at issue. Please accept my offer of apology.

Just for the record. Before I bought this trans....I heard nothing but GOOD about PTS transmissions and converters. I pointed a good friend of mine with a MCSS your way last year, it made his car faster! Isn't that what it's all about anyway?

;) Later
I am still interested in what trans you ended up with 2QK. If you want, e-mail me a number I can call you so you can save the phone call charges. No one is going to get flamed, but it would go a long ways in making everything get settled once and for all.

thanks, Mark