Reaction Time


The White Blur
Jan 31, 2002
I won the final round in the street war class with a .000 reaction time on a street light(!) Kinda like counting cards with a little luck. E brake trick works well in bracket or street racing I have found.

Really not bragging, just thought it was a cherry on top of my day.

Btw, I won two trophy's and $100. :D OK, so maybe a little :eek:
i would be bragging with .000 , congrats!!!! thats like scoring a 300 bowling

im thrilled when i hit .0xx's, closest ive been is a .005 unless you count
-.002 (oops)

Perfect light, I have been bracket racing for over 10 years and as of yet I have never had a perfect light. I have had the grace of god to run dead on dial. But that only happened once.

Now when you say you are launching on the Ebrake. What exactly does that mean? Are you using both the Ebrake and foot brake or just the Ebrake? How many pounds of boost can you hold?

I find this the hardest part of Bracket racing is to leave at the same boost all the time and cut a Good light. I have a TE44 with a stock D5 converter. So the spool is not as quick has I would like. So I ran a 12.25, But it took it about 5 seconds to spool to around 10 # +, but it pushed the car though the lights, I had a 1.76 - 60’. But what I usually do is bump in and then floor it, while my foot is on the brake pedal. Which I’m usually the last in so that only gives me about 1 second spool time. I have launch assist, which does help, but……….