Real or fake injectors?


Sep 25, 2013
I have a set of Siemens 80 lb injectors and just want to be sure they aren't forgeries. Also if they are legit what HP level are they good up to in a turbo V6 running in gasoline?


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who provided them to you? look new...

- punch mark on metal in side hole...
- width of minitimer electrical retainer tang...
- "DEKA" font...
- injectors all have different serial #'s...

use the photo guide in link below to see differences between real and fake. while link shows 60 #ers, the concerns carry over to 80's.

look at pics on Racetronix's site...

Mine all have same part # and different serial numbers. I trust the vendor who sold them to me. Down the road I may buy different injectors and it is helpful to be able to spot fakes.