REALISTIC max of injectors


Guys..Im sure this has been run into the ground but havent been able to find any recent posts so thought I would get some opinions. I presently have MSD 50's running a stock ECM. I am trying to guage whether or not I should upgrade my ECM and move to much larger injectors or just see how far I can go with what I presently have. I will be rebuilding my block in the near future and will try to keep it a stock bore and stroke. Havent decided on whether or not I will convert to a roller cam and rocker setup $$$ but probably will for reliability. With this basic combo and a really good tune what would your guess be at my ET capability?

3.8 v6 (plus or minus depending on what the machine shop determines)
Fully ported and polished Production irons with large valves
Ported intake with EGR removed and port matched
Precision Plenum w/RJC spacer
AFPR and walbro 340 intank (hotwired)
probably a 206 or 212 roller cam..the 218 I have now is a bit aggresive
well built 2004R with a "0" stall lockup Vigilante
Postons headers and xover with Torque tech 3" exhaust
The usual frame braces, airbags, snubbers, and 28" M/T slicks
MSD 50's with street and race chips
V-4 intercooler
the turbo I am debating is a 6776BB

I was hoping with a fresh rebuild this combo could be in the high 10's
I ran 11.90 with a PT52 with horrible tuning on a worn out block last time out

with that basic setup...will 50's go 10's or do I need to step up to 60's or better?
Are you going to run alky? If it were me and my goals were 10's I'd at least step up to 60's. Maybe more without alky. I tend to side with caution though.