REALIZE this is a Longshot ........


OH, OK .......Now I get it
......Anybody out there with A digital Dash and / or Part #'s , 25050012, # 25045475 , & # 25045251.
Mine are Wrecked !
Any Hoo.....Just thought I'd Ask . Thanks,
Thanks John . I was fix'n to call y'all on Monday, But your eleviating my worries early !
I Need your Aftermarket Lens, ( OEM # 25018722 ) , a new Flex Board with the alt light upgrade, & a Power Supply Board ......All for a 1984 regal GN
Thanks so much , for your Help, Kind Sir,
No problem. If you send the dash my way, I'll get it 100%. Power supply board needs to be soldered in, and taking the old one out is tricky, but if you can do, it'll fix the issue. Display board has its own issues as well.

Thank You, John. I understand Your Service's offered , as I have had an account with Y'all for awhile now. IMHO, You have a Great Company out in Colorado & Y'all have helped me out quite a few times before.
Unfortunately, If I could save some dough by possibly purchasing the Parts above from you, it would help me out....... presently . I would greatly appreciate it .
After studying a bit further.......My display board is in fairly good Shape. Here's a Pic of the Resistor's :
A Pic of my Display board resistor's.jpg
Update & Addendum...... I should have identified the Pic as my Power Supply. :oops: