Reapers GN update, looks good

I saw Mike Murrillo's Moosetang at BG.
Very hi maintenance, & FAR from a street car....
He and crew, including his daughter, were really busy trying to get it to go from A to B under power.
Bottom line is those are very expensive 4000Hp toys that they get paid to play with.
But that's just my opinion.:unsure:
None of those cars are on there. No trailers they do a cruise and drive to race spot. No big tires. LMR from Texas came with several F150 and a C8. It’s still a tv show. There’s several arses on there I wouldn’t piss on.
Chief found out quick when they came to Lights Out here in Georgia. Didn’t go rounds at all et and mph way too low.
Like I said ain’t watched it for years cause $200k race cars ain’t street nothing.
And there at least one or 2 on here that can run the number to run with most of them
I can
And there are a few others that will as well.
That's all well and good. You and a "few" others can. I would never disparage that, in fact, I'm glad it's possible.

I'd also like to see it done. There have only been a few TR's on any iteration of that show, and they got beat. I actually watched a fellow in Phoenix, with his TTA, mop the floor with Daddy Dave, twice. And his car was, for all intents and purposes, a race car, too.

But did it make it on the show? HELL NO!

It's still so far from real street, so very far.
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But did it make it on the show? HELL NO!

It's still so far from real street, so very far.
Yup tv stuff.
As far a street
I dont know what that means anymore
As I have raced many at different weight,motor configurations,fuel systems,tailored in or not,
Street legal or not even registered😎
I have my own opinion but...........
Our language is big tire/small tire.
nobody cares how you try to get down the 1/8😉
But how you read the road and drive it