Rear axle picture request


Self-tuning wanna-be
Would like to see a picture of the rear end. Particularly how the long brake line from the prop valve connects to the rear axle brake line. I want to see the orientation in relation to the upper control arms. Does it go in between, above or what? I took pictures but they were deleted. Thank you.
It goes above the lip on the x member, makes a 90* down, screws into the end of the brake hose. There's a drive in clip up there, that locks the hse to the x member. The upper a arms have nothing to do w/ the line.
The hose end should have a hex type metal end on it. That "hex" fits in the hole, that also has the "hex" .
This captures the hose, so, once the lock is in, the hose won't turn.
I was just concerned about the routing of the hard metal line and ensuring it wasnt going to contact or chafe anything prior to letting the car down..appreciate it.