Rear brake issues on my '01 Tahoe


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I hope someone here can help me out:confused:

My Tahoe is having some major rear brake issues. The braking system uses a caliper with dual pistons.

The rear brakes keep eating up the inside pad. Every time I changed the pads, I grease the pins and everything seems to slide nicely.

This time it's worse than ever. When the pads go low, they come out of the caliper bracket and slide off the caliper. The outside pad does not have this problem. It looks as if the guides that the pad sits in is short on the inside, but OK on the outside. I was thinking that the rotor is's thickness is at .790" (2.006 cm). I can't find on the net if that is below the thickness. Do you have any suggestions/solutions on this??


I believe that the calipers are not necessarily sticking, just not retracting. This occurs when the calipers have been too hot, and the rubber seals can no longer pull back the pistons. They will have to be rebuilt or replaced. It sounds brutal, but the pistons have to be pushed in with a small amount of brake fluid on the seals, almost tight and dry. It is also very helpful to remove, or cut away the splash shields from the back side of the rotor. Rotors suck in air from the INSIDE of the spinning rotor, like a turbo. With the rotor intake covered up for wet weather reasons, it can not take in cooling air.