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May 8, 2003
I have the vacume brake set up on my 86 ttype and cannot build any boost. Was wondering if any body has any tips talked to a few close friends. So far I have adjusted so the drums just slide on they were pretty loose at start. Was thinking on s10 wheel cylinders and 4 primary linings the bigger of the two on front pos. and rear pos. Also have aluminum drums but was thinking of steel instead. Is this all I should need? If any body has any other sugestions please jump in thanks.
PS.thanks Scott n Ross for current help
Shouldn't really be any need to switch to steel drums. I have vacuum brakes too and right now I can get around 5 psi of boost against the brakes. I am doing all the same mods to my rear brakes though pretty soon--I have aluminum drums, S10 cylinders, 4 large shoes, and all new hardware for both sides ready to go in when I get around to it. Not sure if you knew this since you didn't say, but when you go to buy your S10 cylinders make sure you specify that they are for an S10 that DOES NOT have power brakes. That is how you get the ones with the larger bore that are capable of more clamping power.:cool:
have you tried doing a few hard stops in reverse to get the shoes to self adjust and take up any slack?
they almost always work better if you do that.
I will try that next and yes I know about the w/o power brakes sorry forgot to mention. What is the main difference between the alum. and steel other than rotating mass (weight) also current drums no visible craks look smooth no ridges
can I leave them & just put shoes on do not want to cut as I know they are lined.
Thanks guys for all and any input reason looking at this went to track and times were not the gratest few issus at hand working bugs out one was this no boost at take off car at 2 lbs of vacume will brake tires loose scott long time friend has vacume set up gets 6lbs with out mods. Think this one of cot.
factors at bad Et's 60 foots were 2.1 to 2.4 I know if could boost off line would help et.
Thanks Tom