Rear Bumper Fillers


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Who is making good rear bumper fillers these days? Mine are collapsing, and ugly, and way overdue to be replaced. But I've read that the GM parts are no longer available, and that some of the aftermarket parts don't fit. So where to find the best fillers, at the best price? Do I have to pull the bumper to replace them?
I just bought the original ones from the dealer, they had to special order them...$580.00 though...I just wanted original parts but i hear the aftermarket fiberglass ones last longer and are less than half the price.
I got my fiberglass ones from Danko...their stuff is on ebay all the time.

Fits really well, just need to elongate the mount holes a bit to line them up correctly...

And yes you need to remove the bumper to install them....helps to have a second set of hands to do this.
gbodyparts has new abs plastic ones. guaranteed for life not to sag. i just got a set. they are very nice. $190

i have a set of fiberglass ones still in the box. make me an offer if your interested. i paid $140 for them.
What do you think of the ABS ones, compared to the fiberglass, Boosted86? Since you want to sell the glass ones, you must like the ABS ones, but why are they better?
the fg ones do not have any holes drilled in them.dont want to f&*K them up. so i went with the sure thing. i'm a do it yourself kind of guy and the abs have predrilled holes. dunno how they fit yet as the car is being restored as we speak. the abs are also a little more flexable in case i crash into somethimg.(god forbid)
Danko's are great fitting fillers, just drill where they are indented, then oblong to make a perfect fit, very easy to do it yourself, then file the overlap to give a smoother transition bellow the license plate and have them painted to match.

See my webpage listed below. I have pics and info on this.
From what I hear, there is only one or two makers. Everyone just puts their name on them. Danko's and S&K's might be the same.