Rear diff yoke upgrade?


My rear diff yoke has gone bad and I'm weighing stock replacement vs. upgrade. I did a search and found a few mentions of a billet yoke but nothing about who makes it, where to get it, or how much it is. Can anyone help me out on what upgrades are available?

You can get a 1350 series yoke from a Spicer dealer (also ebay) for about $90....

You can also get a moser or mark williams yoke from them billet version for $130 or so...

Either is plenty, but you probably either have to use an adapter ujoint or change your driveshaft to incorporate the larger size joint.

John Nguyen
just curios, how do the go bad. there's a guy at work his trunck has a clunk in the rear could that be it?
Hey John! Long time no see! Well I guess I didn't have to go any further than a local club member for the answer. Thanks!

It needs to be replaced because the clips on the u-joint caps that center the u-joint in the yoke wore into the yoke. The driveshaft now moves around even with the straps tight which causes a vibration of varying intensity from about 50 mph on up. My rear view mirror is just a blur, not to mention the risk of u-joint, pinion bearing, and seal damage. :frown: Oh yeah...and there is a clunk and a jerk in the rear when going from reverse to drive. I cringe every time I have to do it.