Rear Disk Brakes


Turbo Junkie
Feb 10, 2004
Well, along with the purchase of my 87 GN came a rear end from a 1980 Turbo Trans Am, which is a 3.73 Posi with disk brakes. I was told by the guy that I can take them from this rear end and put them onto the GN rear end, and then buy an adjustable proportioning valve. Is this a true? is there more i need to do?
thanks for the link, ill check some things out to see how far i can take what I have for this brake swap.

I haven't searched to much on the brakes for this car, but my friend Russel, he did the manual wheel cylinders and both trailing shoes... well i did to his car, and he said it was all so he could build up some more boost for launching the car. Well, in design the disk brakes are better then drum. If swapping over, will i have any problems with the drivetrain pushing through them so i can build boost, or will they start to spin earlier. I know drum brakes have a mechanical advantage in stopping a car with the rotational movement.