Rear End Cover Gasket PN


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May 24, 2001
Does anyone have the part number for a stock 8.5 rear end gasket? I got one from the GM dealer but the kid behind the counter did not make me feel very confident he knew which one to get since he told me you could not get an 8.5" 10 bolt posi rear in a GN.

Anyone have the correct part number?

I had the cover gasket in my records as GM# 26016662.

My 94 Chevy Blazer also uses a 10bolt 8.5" Posi rear end, last time I changed the gear oil this same gasket fit OK.
I wouldn't exclude that more than 1 P/N could work. The 26066456 is what my parts guy gave me, and he'll be wrong when the sun rises in the west...

Thanks guys,

I have the 26066456. I guess I can finally change the gear fluid.

Thanks again.