Rear end questions


Upgrading my combo going T-63,front mount,high stall 10 inch,fast etc.Just wondering is it time to go with a Eaton posi and a set of 30 splines?

I going to come over and take your drum brake setup;) Just kidding:D I'm working on my rearend and setting up like Woody's
rearend. I'm waiting on the axles from Nick Micale and need to go to the junk yard and look for a 70s gm drum brake setup;)

GM should of converted there rearends to bearings holder setups along time ago and got rid of the c-clips:rolleyes:
i just did this job

bought the moser spool kit axles and c-clips. worst job i have done in awhile you may consider you clip design before you buy lots of cutting and their is know holes like the reg chevy 8.5 cars for your clip to bolt to. moser fails to tell this part ,just beat the back plate in- yeah right lolol. lots more to the job. if you want more info on what i did and used no leaks either let me know. hope this helps