Rear End



What are you guys using as far as rear axles go, and gear ratios? In 1992 my mother blew the rear in her TTA. I replaced it with a Dana 44 from SLP. I beleive it has 3.54 gears in it. It was a bolt in and has provided many years of trouble free performance. Her car has 12,000 miles on it, put on 1/4 mile at the time.
I had been using the stock rear but it started to whine and clunk pretty good. I had a best of 1.62 on it with drag radials. I bought a Dana 44 with 3.31 Gears and I have since been 1.56 on it with DOTs.
Went my stock rear went,...I went to a Ford 9", Detroit Locker, 31 spline Moser axles, and 3.25 gear set. Don't think I'll ever have to worry about hard launches again. This thing is rate to like 1300ft-lbs of torque. Total cost was about $1580 shipped.