rear LCA bushing same as UCA?


John 15:17
Nov 12, 2001
Will the rear LCA 1LE bushings 10164152 also fit the UCA's?

Are the rear lower control arm bushings inter-changeable with the rear upper control arm bushings?

I guess it doesn't matter if they are 1LE or not...
No they are different. Looks like its time to install some polys on the uppers. Check out HRpartsNstuff. Spend some extra money on his bushing removal tool and it's a 1 to 2 hour job.
Are you sure? Three people told me they are the same. I also compared them myself last night, and they look the same.

What is the OEM (non-1LE) part number?

Again, this is for the rear upper and lowers, not fronts.
Part number for the upper bushing is 10000068. You know I am wondering if the only difference is the hardness of the rubber. I once used a set of G-body bushings on a 70 GS455 I had and they fit perfectly even though there was a different part number for them. I also used a set of lowers on my Cosworth Vega and they also fit like a glove. I guess the only way to find out is actually try it. But as far as part numbers go they do show a difference.
I R&R'd my bushings last month and the upper stock bushings look exactly like the all 8 looked the same.

I used HRpartsandstuff poly bushings which are not identical. 6 are the same but the 2 that fit into the ears on the differential have grease zerks in different location to allow greasing.

Paul at HRparts makes some high quality stuff...I highly recommend them.