Rear of Block Drawing


Jan 25, 2003
Does anyone have, or know where I can get, a dimensioned drawing of the rear face of the S2, even-fire, on-center block. Maybe all blocks are the same I don't know. Specifically I need the dowel and stud/bolt hole locations referenced to crank centerline.

Need this for making an adapter plate to mate with a unique transmission.

I know it could be done by careful measurement but a drawing would be sooooooooooo much easier - and better.

Thx - Derek
Rear of Block - Power Source Manual

Thx Mike.

I thought I had the Power Source Manual - obviously I don't - neither of the two books I have extend to 49 pages! Does anyone have a copy they would like to sell me?

I should also have asked for the dimensional info on the crank flange - specifically the offset flywheel mounting hole. Is this also in the book? Or does anyone have that info?

Thx - Derek
Rear Face of Block

What a great board!

Thx to a member who emailed me off-board I now have the block dimensions.

Still need the crank/flywheel hole locations - see separate post.

Thx - Derek