rear shock springs

My brother purchased a set of rear springs from Not quite sure on part numbers but Brian has always been a big help in figuring out what exactly you need. If my memory serves me correctly, and i know this sounds kinda funny, but i think the springs were out of a cargo van of some sort! :D

At any rate, Brian swears by em and my bro loves em.

Good luck!
If you want to stick with stock springs, then you have to decode the RPO code for your car. These will be the four codes that start with 6, 7, 8 and 9, each followed by two letters. Then you go to the 44W book to decode them and get the GM part numbers. If you don't have a 44W, send me your four RPO codes and I'll decode them for you.

For example, both of my '87 GN's are:

6YX LH FRONT SPRING (PROD #14080054; SERVICE #14080054)
7YW RH FRONT SPRING (PROD #14080053; SERVICE #14080054)
8PZ LH REAR SPRING (PROD #477512; SERVICE #477512)
9SJ RH REAR SPRING (PROD #485726; SERVICE #485727)

If you don't mind going to aftermarket springs (like me), I'd suggest something like the Moog cargo springs (#CC627). These went for about $65 a pair at O'Reillys a year ago.

Good luck,
Buzz White in Houston, TX