rear tail light gasket ?


Is there a gasket on these. When pulling mine off I found what seemed to be shredded pieces on each side especially where the lens wraps around toward the front of the car ?

Ive had this car since '91 and hard to believe, have never had these off.

Could find any info on gasket though..
Yes, they had gaskets.....when I took my rear lights off the '87 GN, I could see and scrape off what was left of them. Since I could not find any place that sold them, I went to an auto glass shop and picked out a small 1" wide by 4" long piece of sponge like material, 3/32" thick with sticky material only on one side (with tape to protect it)

I then just measured the length of the top of the bezel, down, then to the back. I cut out four pieces 1/8" wide, then stuck them onto the bezels where it contacts the body. It worked just great.

Just go to an auto glass shop with a small sample and ask someone if they have any sponge like tape like you have.

Hope this helps.

Bruce '87 Grand National