" Some Assembly Required "

I found out early on who the shit vendors were. From there on in I paid the extra bucks and never had anymore fitment issues. I ran with quality parts on my car from trusted vendors. Everything on my car was plug and play...with zero fitment issues.
Not sure which one I have. But it fit perfectly.. I buy all my buick stuff from known vendors or on this forum like scooby said. All my stuff always fits perfectly.


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Well just to set the record straight I never had a problem ordering and receiving parts from GBody including 2 used vacuum setups and a few other parts that are still on my cars and they shipped quick (next to Kirbans in speed but Kirban moved so that doesn't apply anymore) so that's why I ordered the part from them no other particular reason or agenda. :p
It looked like the other ones, so I assumed the same manufacturer as well. Obviously, that may not be the case, although nobody else seems to have that GBody one here. :oops:
So if anyone does end up with one that doesn't fit quite right it's not an end all experience, only one surface needs a little clearance and you can make a perfectly functioning part in a pinch. ;)
That RJC one looks nice. :cool: