Rebuild finished, no start! HELP!



Ok, as I expected, we are at the diagnosis portion of the rebuild. It's together and in, but it won't start. There is spark, there is fuel, and air.

The symptoms:

:Turns over fine, no fire
:Backfire through the intake (hot air through the throttle body, like the intake valve is open when spark occurs)
: Boost guages read spikes of pressure of 10-15 lbs (from the backfire, and the MAP?)

All in all, the engine sounds like it always did when it trys to turn over. When it reads boost, the engine bogs. I hope this is electronic and the cam isn't off. Help me guys, I'm almost ready to take it to a shop and tell them to fix it.

Sounds like the Cam Sensor is 180 out or off all together . I had the same problem . Try setting the cam sensor on the other stroke .You have a 50-50 chance
That is not a dumb question....I have to look everytime! :)

it goes thru the rearmost slot...rear meaning the end opposite of the connector. (I consider the connector side to be "front")

I have been told by one mechanic on here that it makes no difference but none of my cars will run that way and you can figure out how I know that..LOL
I was having the same problem as you about two months ago, set the cam sensor and it fired right up. I went from:confused: to :D !!
Well, it wasn't the crank or cam sensor. I took it to a shop I trust for the fine tuning. I'll try to let you guys know what it was.