Recommendations for my motor:

Gary Wells

White turbo Buick trailer park trash
Mar 2, 2002
Recommendations for my motor:
My new 9K mile ’87 Turbo-T blew the rubber hose that runs from the turbo and actuates the factory waste gate. Oops. And as a consequence, it lunched a head gasket and is in the hospital and I am considering the following modifications other than a bone stock fix it.
1. Ported irons with 1.77 intakes and port matched intake.
2. 50 Lb. matched injectors
3. Walbro 340 pump and hotwire kit.
4. 160 degree thermostat.
5. Power plate
With the above mods will the car at least run on ca’s crappy 91 octane and see any performance gains up until the time that I can do the turbo, down pipe, cat, and maybe a converter. I do not know where I want to go performance wise, but I will know when I get there.
I am open to any and all suggestions and comments.
Honestly, with what you mentioned, the only thing that will actually give you more power is the is the heads. The injectors and fuel pump will just support the added ponies.

As far as doing the heads, go for it, it will make more power with what you have and will allow every mod you do in the future to be more benificial. It really is the gift that keeps on giving. If you can afford to have the car torn down for a while then there is no reason not to go with ported heads.

The pump and injectors will help keep the engine together by not running out of fuel and are a good very good idea if you don't want to take the heads off again.

Good luck and make it fast, good starting point.

Edit: The power plate and T-Stat will help a little too.

As for running on 91 octane, you will never make much power on it unless you are running an Alky or ProPain kit, might be a good time to consider one unless you want to run racegas.