Reconnecting Stock Radio


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A few questions for you all before I reinstall this stock radio.

It appears the installer of the aftermarket radio did not butcher the stock harness. However, in the second picture below, the connector is missing a fourth wire (the wires are behind the connector, and aren't visible in the picture). I think I located the wire (a red wire that was elongated and connected to the new aftermarket harness), but I do not know how to plug it into the connector in picture 2. If you look closely at the second picture below, one of the four metal sleeves is missing (top left metal sleeve). Can I purchase this sleeve from a parts store?

In the last picture (the one showing the back for the radio), the area where the connector is inserted has a piece of wire that is sticking out. Is this supposed to be this way? The black connector in picture two is supposed to connect to the lower row on the back of the radio, but this protruding wire is in the way.

Any help is appreciated.

Radio3.JPG Radio2.JPG Radio1.JPG
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Looks as tho there was a pin/wire shoved in that plug, and then cut off. I just replaced my radio, after some redneck butchered it. It had no such wire in the radio I just bought.
I'd use a needle nose and pull it out.
there were four wires in the stock power connector (black)
swtched 12v power (yel)
ground (black)
lamp illumination (gray)
and a power antenna wire ( 12v out with unit on) (pink)
if thats whats missing and you dont have a power antenna then you dont need that wire
@ Pacecarta: I have a power antenna, and have located the pink wire. Do you have a part number for this black power connector? Or a place where I can purchase it online?
Update: I installed the radio. The clock lights up brightly. However, the power button doesn't work correctly, or, it's purposely not working correctly due to a wiring issue on my part. Long story short, I can only hear the radio if I keep my finger on the power button. Once I depress, the radio turns off. The power button doesn't "click" on or off. Any thoughts? I should add that the antenna doesn't work.