Recovered steering wheels

depends on who is doing the work....OR to clarify who is the craftsperson actually doing the work for the vendor.

if you're asking about the restored steering wheels available from Kirban's or other turbo buick vendors, I can comment on them. They are really well done, but all are done by a lady in Michigan, NOT BY THE VENDOR.

The lady that does the work is Sue Serafinski in Michigan. phone # I have is 586.677.2719. She also sells on ebay as seller id 1joe208

In her current listings, she has a Buick wheel listed. In the description is a link to a thread here discussing her work. Link does not work anymore since the site's server failure earlier this year. But here is the link. she does the work for the vendors who offer this service.

If I needed this service, I would rather keep my original wheel rather than trade it for a wheel already done. So, I would just reach out to Sue and send her my wheel for her craftswomanship.