Red, White, and......


Jan 31, 2005
Black. I thought I would post up a couple of pictures of the stables. The two camaro's are my buddies and of course the buick is mine. The white Camaro is a '67 that was stolen from us a year ago and we just recovered it yesterday. It use to be red like the '68 beside it but the thevies painted it white, took out the 496 that was in it, and put a 600ci engine with a power glide trans. The 600 and the 496 are now sitting in the shop with both cars. Only problem is, which engine goes in what car. As for the buick, I busted the head gasket about 2 weeks ago at a local track event and the motor is off getting machined. I am looking at 3 more weeks till the motor comes in. Untill then we dont know which car to finish first.


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