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Hi all,

I just got done replacing the pump in my car with a new Walbro 340. Car was running OK but the fuel gauge was acting up and I had no proof exactly "which" pump was in there, so I did the swap. The seller of my car told me it had a Red's XP pump. Does anyone have any info as to what this pump is supposed to look like? There are no identifying numbers or markings on it, so I'm unsure exactly WHAT it is. It was considerably smaller looking than the 340 in terms of diameter. How does this pump compare to the 340 and is there anyway to easily identify it as a Red's pump?
I am pretty sure that Red's XP looks exactly like a Walbro 340. I think it usually has someo of the info ground off. I think he starts with a 340 and tweaks it to get more flow but I could be wrong. I know they basically look the same on the outside.

Well, this thing had been in there awhile, although it is NOT the stock pump becaue the isolator had been replaced with a the aftermarket kits. It DDOES have a small "AC" on the bottom of it though. Almost sounds like a stock replacement. It certianly is NOT a Walbro or have Walbro stamped on it anywhere...nothing appears to be ground off it either.
Probably an early "XP" pump(not the newer "XP+", Walbro types) which I have heard is a Syclone pump modded with a shimmed relief spring. I could be wrong though. :)
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Holy HUGE picture!:eek: That is a AC Delco pump. Probably the one I told ya about.

Sorry about that :eek: Wanted to get it up so that someone could see it...didn't take time to resize...I tried looking up the P/N for the Syclone pump and it didn't match the numbers on this one. Oh well...looks like what I have now is a step up from what I removed :cool: