Remote filter?


May 24, 2001
Simple question… Is there any down side to running a remote tranny oil filter? I have a spare, remote filter mount and was thinking of using it with an oil filter for an additional tranny filter.

I have used one for 5 years it's similar to the one Bruce offers and worth the money.I've had no problems to this date.
Carl Ciaffone
Hi Bruce:
No we never met I just found out your in Sac about 3 weeks ago while researching convertors,but I hope to meet soon when I buy one of your xtreme convertors.Your only 10 min.from my house now thats a break.Do you know Marlin Carl? he built my motor and does a lot of T.Buicks here in Sac.

The remote filter saved my trans when my converter broke. I have it in the line coming out of the trans and before it goes through either of the coolers. Best 30 bucks I ever spent!!
What is the pressure in the out line? Looking at some filter ratings. 500 psi min burst pressure but, 200 psi max operating pressure.
Is there a recommended filter to use, or any PH8A good quality equivalent. (AC PF2C ?)

Thanks for the info Bruce.
Is there a cross reference for the HP1 to a AC Delco filter?

Not that I know of.... We also use the Baldwin B253 which is equivilent and in the picture.
I was making some general inquiries to Baldwin Filter last week, they stated flatly they do recommend filter operation at continuous temperatures of 250ºF maximum. They didn't say anything about allowable "burst" or "peak" temperatures.

What kind of temp will the hot fluid be (*before* cooling), on a street/strip application, with a stock or slightly looser than stock converter (eg, the "9-11" converter) ??
I Agree. You should never be at 250 to begin with. I have not had 1 single problem with these and I have installed many. Temp should be 140-210 or so. It may get hotter than that under stall or brake application but shouldnt for long. If it does either trans has problem converter has problem or cooler is mounted incorrectly or inefffiecient for size used.
I like the idea of the remote filter. Have a turbo saver and see the advantages to it. Typically where do you mount the hanger for the tranny filter? The turbo saver has a nice spot behind to passenger headlamp. Would it be the same type of mounting fixture? Pictures are worth a thousand words...