Remote oil filter "turbo saver"

TR that's a very nice piece but I need to run a oil cooler as my car doesn't have one..turbo clam how much shipped to 60586 and could u post a pic of the piece and a close up of the bracket where the filter screws. Is there 2 in's and 2 outs for oil????
FYI, it can be run with or without an oil cooler. Our filter replaces the stock filter that is all. Then a line comes off of the filter cap to the turbo. You plug the hole for the stock oil feed. Filtered oil all the time to the turbo without the hassle of mounting remote filters along with more potential places for leaks.
$112 is cool and if it's ready to Bolt on and do its job minus oil filter I'll get for it then I'm ready to send u PayPal////tell me where oh is there anything u need in trade I have a parts car. Thanks lmk