Renting A Truck 4 Oh. To Az. Move ?


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Going to move from Columbus Oh. to Pheonix Az. Called about some trucks :( Are these people insane.
U haul for a 19 ft truck is $3126.00 24 ft is $4443.00
Budget for a 24 ft is $3656.00
Penske for a 24 ft is $1999.00
I could rent a truck at $50. a day plus mileage but = $$$$
I plan on moving soon and then my G/F will come when her house sells, so that is another trip, plus I have to make a trip with my suburban and trailer with the GN on it. Don't mind a couple of trips because I like driving.
If I rented a truck by the day is there any way to umm :eek: disconnect the speedo for a couple of miles ;) or do they have more than one mileage device. :confused:
I've been thinking about maybe buying an old truck and selling it when I get there. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Moving is going to F$$$$$G Kill me.
Thanks guys, Tarey D.
Sounds corney but go out and buy a truck. When done just sell it for same price.

Or rent a trailer A BIG ONE.

I read somewhere that you can rent a trailer that you fill & they will deliver it to your location anywhere in USA.
Sorry I can't remember the name of the company
Tarey... Gimme a call tonight any time i will be home all night hell i might even be awake.

sorry i misses your call last night dude!

Dam! I had no idea those things were that much?

I guess that is why some people hire oving companies.....but then again they hold your stuff hostage when they double the bill on you.

it is 2000 miles.....:eek: , thats gonna be......ah what.....200 2$ gallon........thats another 400 ......and thats if it get 10 mpg...........

I should rent the trailer Im trying to buy.......

call every place you can think of... Make sure you pick it up and drop it off at a major city pickup point... those small town pickups have a huge surcharge because they usually have to move them to a high demand area.

I rented the BIGGEST one I could find (cu ft), it was a Ryder for moving my dad's estate from North Carolina back to Mesa.

I was quoted as high as 2700 bucks for the U-haul, but the Ryder ended up being only 850.

Check neighboring major cities - The prices all depend on where they need thier stock rotated to. My buddy took a 19' Uhaul from PHX to LA for 20 bucks!!

Good Luck,

Arizona is practically perfect 9 months out of the year...

Some ideas, in no particular order:

Sell your stuff

Abandon your stuff at your old house

Burn your old house down with all your stuff in it and collect the insurance

See, you shouldn't go through life with all that baggage. Hell, all you need is a toothbrush and a credit card.

Obviously, moving is a life changing experience, and the wolves are at the door when you do. But the cost of a moving truck is peanuts compared to closing costs.

Just write the moving company a check, then sit back, watch them hurt their backs, and sue them for a bundle after they drop and scratch all your stuff...

I guess prices have skyrocketed, Detroit to LA 6 yrs ago- 1000, LA to Colorado 2 1/2 yrs ago 800, both with Penske.
Might have to do with where your going to/coming from.
If they have a large demand going to a certain place, I believe the prices go up since they end up with a overload of trucks in the same town. Might want to try and alternate destination/pickup point, even if you have to drive aways to get it. Could change the price.
Penske always gave the best prices that I found.
A moving company has got to be the way to go. I needed to tow my GN from Ely, NV to Las Vegas once (4 hour drive) and so I needed a trailer and any old truck to pull it with. The 15' was the smallest they would let you tow with so....$900! I'm right along your drive, though....maybe we can arrange it so whenever you need a fill-up, the nearest member will make the donation! :D
I'm with strikeeagle. Well, on some of the points. Sell/giveaway/throwaway alot of stuff. I moved about a half mile, and loaded everything up in my truck and delivered it to my new house. This was 4 years ago. I still have boxes that I haven't unpacked. I obviously don't need the stuff that is in them. Heck, I can't even remember what is in them. Sell any of your furniture that is not absolutely perfect for your new house, throw out most of your old clothes, and anything else that you can live without. Then, rent the smallest truck you can get away with, or buy one. For a couple grand, you can buy a half decent used truck, and rent a trailer. You may find you can't live without the truck, or you could just sell it after you move your GF out there with you. Don't trust moving companies. I have heard horror stories, seen documentaries on the thieves. My brother also had an experince with them. After some moved his GF's family they couldn't find most of their DVDs. They were missing thousands of dollars worth of movies. So, if you are going to hire a moving company, take an inventory of everything that they are moving, and take the most expensive stuff with you in your own vehicle, or ship it out by UPS or something. Good Luck, have fun hook up the computer first.

I have heard - unconfirmed - that the bigger rental companies place GPS monitors in their vehicles. That way they can precisely track their location, miles traveled, and speed.
I have read - I forget where/ unconfirmed - that when you sign the rental agreement there is a clause that says you can't exceed X mph. When you return the vehicle they check the GPS and if you were exceeding the agreed upon mph by contract, they fine you. Kind of like a speeding ticket by contract.
Other companies put governors on their vehicles so you can't exceed X mph.
Good luck.
I dont know about the fine for speeding from the rental company , when I got my GN I was doing my best to keep the truck at 70-80 mph - but there was a governor and I believe it was at 80 or 85 on the rental truck no fines yet (I guess I should be quiet)
the best thing you can do IMO, is to buy an 18ft/8ft trailer for $4,200 and move yourself..;) Then you have a nice inclosed trailer for the gn, that you own...........:D :D

Moving companies that come in and load all your stuff want $8.00 a POUND. 100 lb dresser = $800. thats NUTS
I already own an open trailer that I can tow my GN with, but I thought about buying an enclosed 20ft er, then selling that or my open one.
I've been looking in the truck trader for a box truck, not sure which way to go yet??
Tarey D.
IMO, the inclose is a no brainer...;) the only thing you will need to check on a trailer would be wheel bearing's / tires /,,,,,, and your on the road...

Now, the truck would be a hole differant story... I dont know how much you were planning on spending, but I can almost guarante that used box trucks in the $4000.00 are ragged out, POS's.......... :eek: They were made to haul peoples furniture from coast to coast and that means they all have high miles....

Then after the box truck breaks down, You still have an extra truck to insure every month.....:eek:

Good luck,
Originally posted by GN ERGY
Moving companies that come in and load all your stuff want $8.00 a POUND. 100 lb dresser = $800. thats NUTS
I already own an open trailer that I can tow my GN with, but I thought about buying an enclosed 20ft er, then selling that or my open one.
I've been looking in the truck trader for a box truck, not sure which way to go yet??
Tarey D.

Yeah for $800 you are better off to sell & buy new stuff when you get there.

Sounds like the enclosed trailer is the best way to go like I mentioned way back at beginning of this thread.

You may need to make 2 trips but it maybe worth it.
I work for Penske. If you have any questions drop me an email. I do this stuff everyday. There are many factors in the pricing. Time of month, area, aviabilty of trucks and so on. Stay away from the last/first weeks of the month. Highest demand for trucks. CA,AZ,FL are the most exspensive states to move to. If you do rent a truck, Penske does have the newest tucks, year 2000 or newer, you might say who cares but see what you think when your broken down in the middle of knowhere with a 10 year old UHaul:mad: :mad: Drop me an email I'll give you some tips on how to get a bunch of discounts:) No GPS in trucks, also dash is digital, no cables to unplug. It doesn't matter on the miles anyway Penske has unlimited miles....
Did the move thing last summer

I bought a new 28' enclosed ramp door trailer and a 40' shipping container. I happened to have a buddy who owns a drop deck flatbed 18 wheeler and hauls things for a living. I had him pick up the container from the place I bought it, and I loaded it full. I guess I have a lot of stuff be cause I still had to make two trips with the 28' trailer and I have to make one more as I still have a car to get. Get rid of as much as possible. If you like the container idea email me as I can hook you up with him as he was pretty reasonable on the hauling considering he did the driving . Good Luck!