Replacing ball joints


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I just replaced the swaybar links and bushings on my car and was wondering how hard it would be to do the ball joints as well. Are there any special tools needed? is it usually something that can be done at home, or is it better to have done by a shop?
The stock ball joints are riveted on the the up and low a arms. Easy to remove hammer and chisel, air chisel, etc.

Not a novice sparkplug changer level task, but if you are going to do it u can bet that the rear upper pass side control arm bushing (by downpipe)is toast/heat fatigued and might as well replace it if doing ball joints.
Spring compressor will be needed..dangerous and must be careful when compressing the springs, make sure the compressor is a good quality one.

If u do replace the control arm bushings this will entail the use of a press to get the old ones out and the new ones in.
Rebuit my whole freaking front end at once. Inner and outer tie rods, adjust sleeves, idler arm, ball joints, centerlink, upper and lower poy control arm bushings.
The pitman arm was not available for some reason, so it is still original but is was ok.Poly control arm bushings make a drastic difference.
Good luck.