Replacing Doors... How to?


Jul 6, 2004
Ok, I'm getting doors this friday from a board member, and I've put doors on other cars before, but never a G-body. Is there a 'How to' on I couldn't find one, and I want to make sure I have ALL of the parts.

This is what I'll have on friday:

(2) 85 GN Doors
(1) Hinge Pin/Bushing Kit

Anything else I'll need?
If the other doors you've done are the same/similar type of hinge, you've more than half way there! I usually have someone help me with putting the new ones one or use a floor jack to get it level. There is a little trial-and-error when adjusting for fit. Quite straightforward though...

If your going to reuse any of the hinges make sure to scribe a mark so you it can help in lining the door up.
these doors are long and reasonably heavy. I replaced hinge pins on one of my other G-body's and if I had to do over again I'd make sure I had a second pair of hands
The doors are complete w/glass and even CS2 speakers...just no door panels...
As Drew L said, these doors may be very heavy especially with the glass in them. Having someone help you out holding them in place while you bolt them on is a big help. Once you get them bolted up somewhat, you will be able to adjust them accordingly. Every door is different but marking the position of the door will bring you in the ballpark. From there you may need to adjust the height of the door or even the striker. Adjusting the window may also be needed for proper fit. If you`ve done other doors before then you will have the basic idea.