Reputable shipping company


Self-tuning wanna-be
Apr 14, 2012
Does anyone have a contact of a reputable shipping company in California that can ship a tranny to Florida for me?

U-Ship is a bit strange. You provide the sizing, weight of item & shipping dates. Then provide how much you are willing to pay. A variety of shipping companies then bid for your job. As the proposed shipping date becomes nearer, you will receive more bids.

A privately owned semi with an empty trailer arrived to transport my 2 vehicles.

A moving company semi arrived for the motorcycles. They wrapped the bikes in blankets & strapped them securely along with a load of furniture. Just had enough empty space in the end of the trailer to haul my load.

I haven't used this service in 5 years.
I've shipped transmissions via Greyhound. If it's an option, they're WAY cheaper than any other shipper.

Shipper has to get it to the bus station and you have to pick it up from the bus station, no delivery.