Resetting IAC and TPS


No!! It's NOT A Monte!!!
I went to and am looking to reset my I'd have to re-adjust the IAC and the TPS...but I don't have a scantool.
Is there any way I can do this without a scantool?
My idle is pretty wierd so I was just thinking of adjusting it until I got the idle I was looking for..(since I don't have a scan tool and I can't read IAC counts)
Also if I adjust the idle, is it necessary to adjust the TPS??
I don't think it would be possible to adjust the TPS without a scantool..what do you think?
Can I at least try to adjust the idle?
It is not necessary to redo the tps if you reset the IAC. It is possible to do the tps with a voltmeter, but it is much easier with a scanmaster. All the scanmaster does is read the voltage.
If you move the iac screw, it will change the tps reading.

Screwing the the iac screw in will raise the tps voltage lower the iac counts....and vice versa.

There is a good chance that the tps will go out of range and screw up the idle.
Since you don't have a scan tool, you really can't do it properly.

You can however set the IAC back to its default setting if you do the majority of the IAC reset proceedure on Ground out the aldl as suggested, unhook the IAC, take the jumper wire out plug in the IAC and that is about all you can do. If that doesn't work, I suggest a Scanmaster.
You really need a scantool to set the IAC. If you read the IAC reset procedure on it will get you close, but you really have to have a way to set the minimum idle rpm with the IAC disconnected....the stock tachometer is not accurate enough.

If you can get a good diagnostic tach....some automotive style DMM's have a tach could get close.

First jumper the ALDL as described in the IAC reset procedure. This will put the IAC in it's "home" position. Unplug the IAC connector and set the minimum idle with the idle air adjust screw. Plug the IAC back in and hope (w/o a scan tool you can't know the IAC#'s) it's OK. Then go to work on the tps by probing the wires. Get the idle tps voltage to .42V and the WOT to around 4.6V...but don't go messing with the idle air adjust screw or you'll have to do the IAC reset again.

Better yet...spend $180 or so and get a ScanMaster2 from Ramchargers.

Good Luck,
Ok....WELL I haven't driven the car much..but after I bought it, it Idled between 1,800-2, brother is now having problems with his he took out my TPS and MAF sensors and put them in his to try things out..when he put in my tps his Idle was around the same (1,800-2,000) [he wasn't having Idle problems.. he always idles around 800..his car always bucks/feels like it's missing always around 2000 RPM while he's drivin normally]
So then I put in his TPS to try things out and the Idle was higher now..(between 2500-3000) I put mine back in and it's around the same..and when we move it around the idle stays the same..NOW when we put his sensor in his car we were able to adjust the idle back down to 800..
Any ideas??
Most likely, the tps is way out of whack....

Go spend $12 bucks for a cheap voltmeter at SEars or Radio Shack and set it properly. If the tps reads over .46, the idle will screw up.

These units cannot simply be swapped back and forth...they must be adjusted when installed.
Dave, make an appointment at ron's. Paul will hook up the scanmaster and tune all your numbers for you.

_BOB Mantz