Rims Tires and their weights


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Had a little extra time on my hands, so I decided to weigh each of my wheels. Enjoy!

Rim: 15x8 Aluminum GN reproduction
Tire: 275/60 Nitto 555r
Total weight: 48.4 lbs

rims 005.JPG

Rim: 15x7 Aluminum GN reproduction
Tire: 215/65 Sumitomo
Total weight: 42.4 lbs

rims 010.JPG

Rim: 15x9 Weld RTS
Tire: Mickey Thompson 295/55 Drag Radial
Total weight: 48.0 lbs

rims 003.JPG

Rim: 15x5 Weld RTS
Tire: Mickey Thompson 26x6.0 Sportsman S/R
Total weight: 31.6 lbs

rims 004.JPG

Rim: 15x9 Chevy Rally
Tire: 275/60 Nitto 555r
Total weight: 53.2 lbs

rims 008.JPG

Wheel: 15x8 Chevy Rally
Tire: BFG Radial T/A 245/60
Total weight: 54.4 lbs

rims 007.JPG

Wheel: 15x7 Chevy Rally
Tire: BFG Radial T/A 215/65
Total weight: 51.6 lbs

rims 006.JPG

Wheel: 15x4 Centerline
Tire: 26x7.50 MT Sportsman Pro
Total weight: 28.4 lbs

rims 009.JPG

Wheel: 15x8 Cragar Super Trick
Tire: None
Weight: 13.6 lbs

rims 011.JPG
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Just FYI those are not billet reproductions. They are Gbody parts aluminium not billet though. I have them and they are nice. The only reason I bring it up is because there are actually Budnick reproductions which actually are billet, and have a price tag to prove it. Actually I prefer the looks of the Gbody ones.

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I like them too. Very nice for the price. I edited and corrected the post. Talking about rims, I wish GBody would make a 15x9 with 4 1/2 backspacing. That would be the perfect rim for our cars. The 275 tire looks amazing on a 9 inch rim.