RJC 1 5/8 puck

Any luck?!

Sorry...crazy night. I'll take a look when I get home tonight...about 5ish and let you know. I can tell you I ordered it a couple years ago and I think there was only one option then, so if you know which was available then you know what I have sitting in my garage.
I have used a RJC 5 to 4 " downpipe that was originally designed for the 3 bolt turbo, and cut the flange off so I can use it for a 4 bolt setup. The part that I cut off I still have. The puck is never been used.

Find the Garrett housing nick, I bet the puck covers the hole in the Garrett housing.
Or just weld up the hole in the turbo you have and redrill
Did someone run a external gate on your 6152 and that's why the hole B so big?
Years ago I made my own 1/4 inch plate and drilled a 3/4 pick hole because the thdp wouldn't cover it 100%
Cutting up the new pipe for a new puck seems a little extreme....
Did you ever call RJC to see if he had the new plate and you drill the hole?