RJC pulley set up


Aug 6, 2003
Was thinking about getting the set of 4 kinda pricey.Anyone using them any opinions on if they are worth it?
I like mine on the GN.

Need a power steering pulley puller to do that one.

Made my mechanic put them on when we were waiting around for local parts delivery of a tranny pan gasket that didn't show up in my PTS shallow pan $$$ kit. :(

A quality product. Got mine from Cottons.

Fit good and look great razor cut ones.
I have all of them except the power steering pulley. They are very nice......top notch products. :) The billet crank pulley of theirs is weighs less than the stock water pump pulley. :) I needed a new serp belt when I added the billet pulleys. The old one was a little worn and was slipping a little on the new pulleys. With a new belt they are perfect now:cool: