Rockers: T&D vs. Scorpion vs. TA Performance

Which rockers would you pic if you were to buy a set?

  • T&D's

    Votes: 12 80.0%
  • Champion's Scorpion

    Votes: 2 13.3%
  • TA Performance

    Votes: 1 6.7%

  • Total voters


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Are either of these rockers better than the other one? What is the difference in price? Is there any difference in adjusting them or anything? Are the ratios the same? Any personal experiences would be very helpful.

For the poll: If you were to buy a set of rockers which would you pick?
Scorpions require special machine work to be done to the heads as they are stud mounted. They are really SBC rockers.

I have TD s on my car they are shaft mounted direct bolt ins. Very nice stout pieces but costly. Dont know much about TA s.

If all were adjusted correctly, with the same ratio I can not see a difference in performance. It really all depends wich way you want to go and how much you want to spend. In the end they all look to cost the same.
I run T&D's with 1.65 ratio.....they cost roughly twice what Scorpions do...dunno if that is justified, but they are very stout units

I know there are more peole using roller rockers.

Do the Scorpion's work with stock (8445) heads? Do they require the heads to be modified to allow them to work?
Originally posted by AintGoinSlo

Do the Scorpion's work with stock (8445) heads? Do they require the heads to be modified to allow them to work? [/B]

The Scorpions require lots of modifcation to be used on stock heads like said above they are stud mounted.

T/A gets theirs from T&D made to Mike's specs so they are a little different. This type requires the pedestals to be ground on each side for proper fit. T/A also provides a stud kit instead of bolts, much better.
FWIW, Conley's sells T&D's that have been cut so you dont have to modify the pedistals. However, in my case (bad luck??) My pedistals had to be cut anyway (8445 heads) so don't plan on them being a bolt on.

The Scorpions were set up to run on the GN1 14 bolt heads,and if used on those heads no modification is needed they come with all hardware. Compared to the T&D rockers for the same 14bolt head you save $375. T&D's are nicer no doubt but $$$! Jason Cramer runs the Scorpions and 14bolt GN1 heads on his girdled stock block. hes makin over 700hp with em, and has pics of the rockers installed on the head. check his website.